Jenö (Eugen) Weisz

(1903, Györ, Hungary – ?, Israel

First Singer in the Timişoara Fabric Synagogue

He was born into a Jewish family in Györ. The father was an industrialist. After completing his studies, he participated in his father's business, then became the first singer of the Budapest Community for 2 years. Since 1927 he has been a first singer in the Jewish community in Fabric, Timisoara. He was highly regarded for his beautiful tenor voice and interpretation of the liturgical repertoire. He was a member of the Jewish National Association, the Cadima sports association and other organizations. He composed liturgical songs and wrote newspaper articles. In the 1950s he emigrated to Israel.


  • Ki Kicsoda? A bánsági közélet lexikonja. Szerkesztette Damó Jenö. Timişoara 1930