József Rafael Levy

1796 - March 12, 1865

Hazan şi Haham

József Rafael Levy was a hazan (singer) and haham (cutter) in the Fabric district, Timişoara, for 50 years, between 1816 and 1856. He was married to Roza, b. Amigo. On the 100th anniversary of his birth, his son, M. Levy, a lieutenant in the imperial-royal army, built in memory of Józsefudvar (Joseph's Court, we do not know the location) in the Fabric district.

A niece of József Rafael Levy married Dr. Sándor Schossberger (1881-1930), a doctor, director of the boarding school for abandoned children, then chief physician and director of the children's polyclinic in Timisoara, another niece married the jeweler Anton Pollak (d. 1940).

This haham descended from one of the oldest Jewish families in Timisoara. His grandfather, Joseph, son of Rabbi Naftali Halevi / Levi, gave the Sephardic community in 1729 a beautiful parochet (the curtain in front of the ark in the synagogue). See Sephardic Synagogue of Fabric in the Synagogues chapter.


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