Getta Neumann, In the footsteps of the Jewish Timișoara. More than a guide. Brumar Publihing House, 2019

  • Historical highlights
  • Synagogues and religious life
  • Funeral rites and the cemetery from Timişoara
  • Walks on areas with descriptions of tourist attractions
  • Jewish personalities and destinies
  • Businesses and shops
  • Micro-paintings of the Jewish life
  • Color photographs and vintage illustrations
  • Specially drawn maps
  • Index of names, architects and personalities
  • Bibliography. Useful information

„ The volume In the footsteps of the Jewish Timișoara is a valuable guide for knowing and keeping alive the history, culture and memory of the Jewish community in Timisoara. It is the fruit of the constant study and passion of a lifetime of Mrs. Getta Neumann, a personality whose illustrious roots in the Jewish community of Timișoara give importance and authenticity to the highlights they offer in the rediscovery of Timișoara, from this cultural-historical perspective.” Timișoara City Hall

„ I am convinced that this book is a fundamental one for the city of Timișoara and for the Jews in these places. Getta Neumann, the daughter of the First Rabbi Dr. Ernest Neumann, has done a work that will last - bringing clear, concise and accurate information from the life of a large community, through the tangible traces left in this city. Thank you for the work and time dedicated to this useful approach for all of us!” Dr. Luciana Friedmann, president of the Jewish Community of Timișoara

Truly "more than a guide", the book, a real encyclopedia, evokes the history of an impressive community not by numbers (Jews were only a "small" minority), but by the achievements of its members in all fields, from economics to artistic creation. The professional architect notices the precision and elegance with which the author operates in architectural analyzes. Architect Mihai Opriş

„This vademecum + of Getta Neumann highlights not only the dynamic and inventive genius of the Jewish community, but also the image of a city that bears the structural seal of multiculturalism and interculturality.” Viorel Marineasa, writer